A Deep Dive into Currency Depreciation

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Impact of Currency Depreciation on Exports, Imports and tourism. Reasons for Currency Depreciation

What you’ll learn

  • What is the meaning of Currency Depreciation?
  • How currency depreciation impacts imports and exports?
  • Why does currency depreciate?
  • How does currency depreciation impact the attractiveness of a destination for foreign visitors?
  • Can a weaker currency make it harder to repay foreign loans?


  • Basic understanding of economic principles such as supply and demand, inflation and interest rates


  1. What is meant by currency depreciation?
  2. In case of currency depreciation, value of currency depreciates. Currency is domestic currency or foreign currency. Comment with the help of an example.
  3. What is meant by foreign exchange rate?
  4. How does currency depreciation effect the cost of imported goods? Elaborate with the help of an example.
  5. How does currency depreciation effect a country’s exports? Discuss with the help of a real life example.
  6. What is meant by trade surplus?
  7. What are the possible reasons behind depreciation of a country’s currency?
  8. How lower interest rates result in the depreciation of domestic currency?
  9. If there are large capital outflows in a country, how does it effect the domestic currency?
  10. Currency depreciation in a country results into increased inbound tourism. Discuss.
  11. How currency depreciation impacts outbound tourism?
  12. What is the impact of currency depreciation on foreign debt?
  13. Explain with the help of an example how currency depreciation is a negative one for borrowers of foreign debt?
  14. Whether Central Bank intervenes in Currency depreciation?
  15. Why Central Bank intervenes in case of currency depreciation?
  16. How does Central Bank intervene in case of currency depreciation?
  17. What are the challenges if the Central Bank intervenes in case of currency depreciation?

Who this course is for:

  • A business owner, a frequent traveller, or simply someone curious about the world of finance
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