American English Consonants for Chinese Professionals

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Accent Training: American Consonants for Advanced Students with a Chinese Language Background

What you’ll learn

  • How to pronounce American English consonants that usually trouble Chinese speakers

Who this course is for:

  • advanced English learners with a Chinese background


  • no, but you should take vowels either before or after this course, in either order


Learn all the details about all the consonants, focusing on errors commonly made by Chinese learners of English, such as SH vs. S, J vs. ZH, N vs. L, and N vs. NG, or just omitting the N at the end of a word.    Learn spelling rules too.  A consonant chart keeps you organized and shows you consonant families and how to compare and contrast each consonant. 

The course uses advanced vocabulary from business and technical fields.   After each lesson, practice developing  your muscle memory by using the repetition audio exercises included.  Repeating each sentence after the teacher several times will help you focus on all the nuances of the sentence, including the target consonant sounds. 

Once you have completed 50% of this course, you can attend a free monthly live Zoom office hour with the instructor, where you can ask questions about the course and receive live corrections.  You can always schedule a private lesson with the instructor for more personal attention. 

Or after completing the course, you can ask the instructor to evaluate your accent and provide you with a report of your errors.  Then you can repeat those parts of the course and know where to focus your efforts.

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