Managing Conflict & Building Relationship – Profound Lessons

Psychologist's guide to 9 profound principles to manage extreme conflicts and build better relationship with anyone
Psychologist Aman Varma
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Active Listening & Empathy
Ground rules of communication to reduce conflict
Reduce behaviours that escalate conflict
Understanding influence of emotions on speech, actions & conflicts
Principles for higher quality relationships
Case studies from counseling sessions to relate to
Role of Emotional Intelligence
Developing Respect, Boundaries, Loyalty, Trust

In this course, I share with you 9 profound principles of conflict management & relationship building that I’ve learned from counseling clients over the years.

I’ve put my years of learning into this course with in-depth commentary on each principle. These principles have helped 100s of people overcome conflict and have the relationship their heart yearns for. Who wants to be in a relationship that lacks love and all there left is arguments? No one. We all want nourishing relationships but hardly ever learn the skills to handle extreme conflicts and fix even the unthinkable relations.

This is a very practical and straightforward course. My aim is to deliver to you the most promising perspectives and techniques that will aid you in your stressful times. This course isn’t about theories and complicated models, this is honest talk – between you and me. Where I give you all the precious pearls of knowledge that I have gathered through the years. I’m just a guy who wants to help the world navigate better as I’ve seen hardships of 100s of people. They make simple mistakes, small ones, that eventually lead to the biggest headaches of their lives.

It is just a lack of skills and tactfulness that leads to sad stories. I wish to help you become a better individual.

The course focuses on the fundamentals of building meaningful relationships in both personal and professional settings, including effective communication, active listening, and empathy. It should also offer actionable strategies for conflict resolution, trust-building, and maintaining long-term relationships, emphasizing the role of emotional intelligence and mutual respect.

Part 2 Building Relationships

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