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Software Development & Engineering Excellence Master Course

Best of courses for computer sw engineer and developer team lead. Classes cover design, test, skills, subjects all types
What is Excellence in Software Development
Who are the best companies in software development
What do these Excellent Companies do to develop softwares
Best Practices from Excellent Software Development Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, GitHub, Netflix and Spotify
How can you also adapt these best practices and become an Excellent Software Development organization

Want to become an Excellent Software Development Organization but don鈥檛 know what to do?

Take a look at this course where you will

Not only learn what to do to become a Excellent Software Development Organization but also learn

How to adopt the Software Development Excellence Practices.

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My exposure to Software Development Excellence started when I came in contact with great software development companies like CISCO etc who came to IIM Udaipur to recruit management students to help them maintain and build on their excellence

I came to know about their requirements from the management students to drive excellence in Software Development

I went on a journey to discover the best practices following by researching not only the companies visiting IIM Udaipur but also the Best Software Development Companies globally like GitHub, Netflix, Amazon Web Services, Spotify, Google and Microsoft

I bring in this course my learnings from this journey and sharing with you how can you also become an Excellent Software Development Company

Preview for yourself many lectures free. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and skill yourself to Become a Excellent Software Development Company! If don’t like the content, please message about how can we modify it to meet your expectations.

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Agile Methodologies

User-Centric Design


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