Quick VB .NET by Windows Forms , SQL in Visual Basic VB. NET

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VB .NET Programming by Creating Windows Apps- Beginners to Pro -SQL in Visual Basic , Excel,PDF,Weather Forcasting …

What you’ll learn

  • 3 Courses in One + 17 Hours – Learn with Projects , Beginners to Advance
  • Build 7 pro apps: Calculator , Digital clock, Student info, Excel, PDF, weather forecasting,…
  • Easily learn the basics of VB to advance topics by Windows form
  • Create pro application by SQL in VB
  • Export data to Excel file
  • Learn: Dialogs, Variables,Controls, Debug, Events
  • Working with resources and settings
  • Date and time – Calendar
  • Design report by PDF
  • Show weather and forcasting


  • Windows 10 or 11 operating system


Hi There!

Do you want to learn the programing deeply and easily?

Have you ever thought to learn VB .net via projects?

Are you students or VB lover and you want to learn VB .NET  by windows forms?

Here i am to show you how to learn easily an quickly the VB .NET by many projects.

In this course you’re going to learn :

  • 3 Courses in One + 17 Hours + 7 live Projects
  • Create Windows Apps by VB. NET
  • Basics of VB .NET like: variables
  • for loop structure
  • If statement
  • Controls and events
  • Resources in VB .NET
  • Debugging the codes
  • Create calculator application
  • Design Student info  application
  • Build Weather forecasting application for windows
  • Creating multi-form projects
  • Controls like : Button, TextBox, ComboBox, Datetime picker
  • Create digital clock
  • Working with date and time
  • Create a calendar
  • Advance using of Combobox
  • Working with images
  • Dialogs in VB. NET:
  • Creating method in VB. net
  • Design the windows app in VB and SQL Server
  • Export data to Excel file
  • Create weather forecasting app
  • Create report by PDF file
  • and…

Don’t hesitate to start learning VB by up to 7 different  projects with many tips and tricks!

In this course you are going to learn the VB deeply and easily with the best method.

Let’s get started !!!

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wanna learn VB Deeply and quickly
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