Clojure Introduction: Learn Functional Programming

1 Min Read

Start with functional programming

What you’ll learn

  • Learn a Functional Programming Language (Clojure)
  • Functional programming with Clojure
  • Thinking about programming in a functional way
  • A dialect of the Lisp programming language


  • Previous programming experience (in any language) recommended

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate programmers that want to learn Functional programming with Clojure


Learn how to program with Clojure, a functional programming language.

Clojure is different from other languages in that it is a functional programming language. This requires you to think in a different way and the learning curve can be steep. This course will give you an easy introduction to functional programming with Clojure.  We’ll go over the basics and you’ll be able to make programs with Clojure.

This is a getting started course. It helps you start at the beginner level.

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