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Leadership – Leading a Community

How to be a leader of a successful, thriving community or group
Baba Oyewole
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Leadership of Communities
Leading People
What Leadership is
What are Communities?
The promise within Leading Communities
Building Your own Communities
Communicating with Communities
Responsibilities of Community Leaders
Feedback Channels

We have seen many forms of leadership in the past decade.

One of the leadership failings that seem to have developed in recent times, or become more prevalent is Community leadership with the advent of online community groups.

The concept of communities isn’t new or revolutionary, but the impact on community members can be life changing in so many ways possible.

More than ever before, I believe we need community groups and interactions with one another.

Not just from a moral stand point, but for businesses.

Who is this course for?

Leadership who are trying to do some of the following:

– Businesses trying to foster deeper engagement with staff, customers and connected to them

– Health related communities

– Finance communities (debt, savings, investments etc)

– Business

– Skills

– Arts and craft

– Charities or Non Governmental Organisations

– Social groups

– School groups

– Neighbourhood groups

– Political groups

– Religious communities

– Cultural communities

– Age groups

– Causes

– Trade and other Associations

and so many others.

No doubt that community and interaction with people will be more important in our lives than ever in the coming years.

It is a good platform to help people reach their objectives, support them, provide information for them and do so much more.

The times when Community group leaders seem to do well and their members struggle should be over. Communities, one of key pillars is collective outcomes.

This is designed to help people thinking about setting up community groups, already in the leadership of community groups and community group members.

I believe we should have as many businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups, people with skills and as many of us running or having community groups as a channel to engage with and reach people. Because, it can be fulfilling, rewarding and most of all profitable, when done right: with respect, dignity and delivering on the promises made.

Thank you for stopping by.


Additional: Your Social Media can help build leadership and foster community

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