Spotify keeps stopping? Find out why and get 6 solutions

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The seamless music streaming experience offered by Spotify is marred for some users by a recurring problem – Spotify keeps stopping. This frustrating issue disrupts the uninterrupted enjoyment of music, causing unexpected pauses during playback. In this exploration, we delve into the potential causes behind this common setback and provide detailed solutions to help users overcome the annoyance of interrupted music sessions. Understanding and resolving this issue will ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience with Spotify.

Why Spotify Keeps Stopping – In-Depth Analysis

Spotify keeps stopping? Find out why and get 6 solutions
  1. Multiple Device Sign-In:
    • Issue: If someone else is using your Spotify account on another device simultaneously, it can lead to interruptions on your device.
    • Solution: To prevent this, you can either update your account password through Spotify’s password reset page or remotely log out of all devices by visiting the account overview page.
  2. Other Apps Taking Control:
    • Issue: Another application on your device might be taking control of your speaker, causing Spotify to pause.
    • Solution: Identify and close or adjust the settings of apps that might be conflicting with Spotify.
  3. Slow Internet Connection:
    • Issue: A slow or unstable internet connection, especially during high-quality audio streaming, can result in Spotify disruptions.
    • Solution: Restart your router or modem, switch airplane mode on and off for smartphones, or ensure a stable network connection to resolve this issue.
  4. Outdated or Corrupted Spotify App:
    • Issue: An outdated or corrupted version of the Spotify app can introduce bugs or compatibility issues.
    • Solution: Regularly check for updates in the app store or Google Play store and install the latest version of Spotify to enhance performance and stability.
  5. Device Issues:
    • Issue: Overheating or insufficient storage space on your device may contribute to Spotify interruptions.
    • Solution: Manage your device’s storage space, avoid excessive multitasking, and monitor its temperature to prevent overheating.

How to Fix Spotify Keeps Stopping – Detailed Solutions

Spotify Keeps Stopping

Log Out of Other Devices:

Update your account password or log out of all devices remotely by accessing Spotify’s account overview page.

Update Spotify App:

Regularly check for updates in the app store or Google Play store and install the latest version of the Spotify app.

Clear Spotify Cache:

Navigate to Spotify settings and clear the app’s cache to eliminate corrupted data that may be causing interruptions.

Switch to a Stable Network:

Restart your router or modem, use airplane mode for smartphones, and ensure a stable internet connection to prevent disruptions.

Background App Permissions:

Adjust app permissions in your device settings to allow Spotify to run in the background.

Check Bluetooth Connections:

Ensure a stable Bluetooth connection by reconnecting devices, using a wired connection, and checking the battery level of Bluetooth devices.

Frequently Asked Questions Spotify keeps stopping

How to Adjust Audio Quality?

Navigate to Spotify settings, tap on Music Quality, and choose a lower quality option to minimize interruptions, especially during network issues.

Why Does Spotify Keep Stopping?

Possible reasons include simultaneous account sign-ins on other devices, slow internet, conflicting apps, or outdated/corrupt app files.

Can Battery Optimization Cause Issues?

Yes, battery optimization features may limit background activity, potentially causing Spotify to stop or pause during playback.


In conclusion, while Spotify offers an incredible music streaming experience, interruptions can be inevitable. By thoroughly addressing potential issues such as multiple device sign-ins, outdated apps, network instability, and more, users can troubleshoot and resolve the Spotify keeps stopping problem, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable music listening experience. Movie-Web, Spotify keeps stopping

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