Demystifying Forex: Rates, Quoting, Demand and Supply

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Meaning of Forex rate, Direct & Indirect Forex rate, Sources of demand and supply of forex

What you’ll learn

  • Why foreign exchange rates are constantly changing?
  • Why forex rates are always quoted in pairs?
  • What is the difference between Direct and Indirect Exchange rates?
  • Which are the drivers for foreign exchange demand?
  • Which are the sources for supply of foreign exchange?


  • Basic understanding of economic principles such as supply and demand, inflation and interest rates


  1. What is meant by Foreign exchange rate?
  2. What does foreign exchange rate tell us?
  3. Exchange rates are constantly changing based on various factors. What are those factors?
  4. Why are forex rates always quoted in pairs?
  5. What are the currency options for importers?
  6. What are the two main ways in which foreign exchange rate can be quoted?
  7. What is meant by direct quote of foreign exchange rate?
  8. What is indirect quote of exchange rate?
  9. What are the various sources of demand for foreign exchange?
  10. Whether a poor individual living from hand to mouth also plays an important role in foreign exchange demand?
  11. How speculative trading acts as source of demand for foreign exchange?
  12. What is meant by hedging?
  13. How imports are concerned with foreign exchange demand?
  14. The demand curve of foreign exchange is downward sloping. Why?
  15. The demand curve of foreign exchange is in the form of a straight line or somewhat curving. Comment.
  16. What are the diverse Sources of Foreign Exchange Supply?
  17. How workers’ remittances are a source of supply of foreign exchange?
  18. When domestic entities sell their assets in foreign country, what is the effect on foreign exchange supply?
  19. How exports also act as source of supply of foreign exchange?

Who this course is for:

  • Students and any individual who enjoys learning about various concepts of economics
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