Gospel Piano Chords In Neo Soul and Black Gospel Mastery

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to play modern gospel Piano chords and progressions
  • You will learn powerful chord substitution techniques
  • You will learn how to add melodic fills to their playing on the Piano
  • You will learn how to play or apply Ditones and Tritones to your chord progressions
  • You will learn how to reharmonize some hymns
  • You will learn how to go from playing basic chords/chord progressions to playing advanced chords/chord progressions


  • You should have your own Piano or Keyboard or access to any
  • You should have basic Piano knowledge at the least
  • (Optional) Virtual MIDI Piano software like MIDIculous


Ever wanted to master how to play the keyboard Piano piano with that very nice gospel flavour?

Have you ever wondered how to do keyboard piano improvisation with advanced piano keyboard chords and piano keyboard chord progressions…

Want to learn piano chords that will make you stand out? With my course, you will learn powerful gospel chops, black gospel keyboard piano chords, gospel piano essentials and all the basic skills you need to transform your keyboard piano skills.

This is keyboard piano lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Specially created for those of you wanting to learn how to play the Piano with that nice gospel feel, using a mixture of well-known songs and exercises, the Piano lessons give you basic foundation knowledge and also progresses to showing you advanced techniques.

Now you can learn how to play gospel piano keyboard!

Yes that’s right! By the end of this course, you would have learnt a lot of chords, patterns & gospel piano techniques that you can always use while you are playing

This course/class is play by ear gospel piano courses which means that you will get all the gospel piano essentials you need without having to read sheet music

Now you can learn powerful gospel piano keyboard chords in this piano course. The tutorials are perfect for learning piano chords, with full Piano HD video footage and virtual keyboard to light up the notes, you can easily understand the piano lessons as the course progresses.

Plus, you can download the MIDI files of all songs on this course and play them on your virtual MIDI keyboard software which means that you can slow down the playing to turtle speed if you want

The course explains every single note, piano piano chord, piano lick, run played in great detail. Nothing is left out

The classes in this course utilise the power of reharmonisation to show you how you can play a single song in different ways

This course teaches the following

  • Piano chord progressions
  • Gospel piano progression
  • Gospel chords
  • Reharmonisation techniques
  • Understand chord numbers and how they work
  • Tritones and Ditones
  • How to layer chords
  • Basic to advanced chords
  • How to play rootless chords
  • Simple gospel neo soul techniques
  • Melodic fills
  • Simple soloing techniques
  • Chord substitutions
  • And much more

All you need is your keyboard and notepad because you will be learning a lot and your playing will never remain the same after going through this course

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Piano Players
  • Intermediate Piano Players
  • Advanced Piano Players
  • Musicians who want to master the gospel Piano feel and flavour
  • If you have taken beginner piano lessons/basic piano lessons before and want to refresh your memory and take things further, this course is for you
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