How to Build a Successful Coaching or Consulting Business

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Start Your Own Profitable Coaching or Consulting Business with Dr. Jeremy Pollack

What you’ll learn

  • How to build a successful coaching or consulting business from the group up
  • A legally-formed business ready to take new clients
  • A marketing strategy to attract new clients
  • A sales process to successfully engage clients
  • A vision, mission, and strategy to help your coaching or consulting business soar


  • The desire and ability to run a coaching or consulting business


Are you ready to finally be your own boss and control your own destiny? It’s time to start your coaching or consulting business! Join Dr. Jeremy Pollack, a seasoned coach and consultant, on an empowering journey through the essential strategies and insights to launch your coaching or consulting career.

At the end of this course, if you follow the steps, you will have:

  • A legal business ready to take clients
  • A marketing strategy to attract clients
  • A sales process to successfully engage clients
  • A vision, mission, and strategy to help your coaching or consulting business soar

Course Highlights: Launch Your Coaching and Consulting Business

Creating Your Business Strategy: Lay the foundation for success with a well-crafted coaching business strategy.

Strategic Plan: Develop a roadmap to guide your consulting business to unprecedented heights.

Your Financials: Master the art of financial management and forecasting for a robust and sustainable business.

Your Business Vision: Craft a compelling vision that fuels your entrepreneurial journey.

Setting Up Your Business: Learn the critical steps to establish and organize your coaching or consulting venture.

Create Your Business Presence Online: Harness the power of the digital landscape to elevate your brand.

Market Your Business: Uncover the secrets of effective marketing to reach and resonate with your target audience.

Create a Lead Generating Funnel: Transform your online presence into a client-attracting powerhouse.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals: Navigate the digital realm with confidence and proficiency.

Traditional Marketing Fundamentals: Master time-tested strategies that stand the test of market evolution.

Engaging with Clients: Cultivate lasting relationships through effective communication and client engagement.

Your Sales Process: Hone your sales skills to convert prospects into paying clients.

Your Client Services Plan: Delight and retain clients with a winning service approach.

Who this course is for:

  • Coaches or consultants who are ready to start their own business or coaches and consultants who already have a business and are looking to scale it up.
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