HTML For Beginners

3 Min Read

An introduction to HTML. A course designed to give you the confidence in building HTML documents.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basic structure for defining HTML webpages
  • Describe the differences between block level and inline elements
  • Understand how a HTML document can be created
  • Understand how various elements can be used within a HTML document


  • No prior knowledge of HTML required. This course will teach everything you need to know to create your first HTML webpage.


This course is aimed at complete novices looking to gain experience in creating basic HTML web pages. As the central focus of this course is HTML there will be very little CSS used.

It will teach you how you can display various features that form the basis of a HTML web page these include:

Divs and Spans which can be used for presenting content sections in a web page.

Paragraphs which can be used for presenting content in web pages in a more readable format.

Headings which can be used for categorizing sections on a web page. For example, every web page could contain a heading describing that particular web page.

Images which may be added in order to make web pages more attractive and engaging for users visiting a website.

Links which can be useful if you need to split your html content into multiple pages. For example, your navigation menu could be formed using multiple links.

Tables which can be used to structure and present large amounts of data in a readable format. For example, a web page could include price information that’s presented in a table.

Lists which can be used if key points need to be summarized as a list on your web pages or for ordering certain information that may need to be displayed as a list on a web page.

Forms which may be required for capturing important data from the users that visit a web page. For example, a web page may include a Request A Callback form.

By the end of the course you should have a solid interpretation on how to use the various elements that make a HTML web page. So enroll now and begin your journey into mastering HTML.

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