Microsoft Ads MasterClass – All Campaigns & Features

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Microsoft Ads 2024: Learn How To Use Search Ads, Campaigns, Features To Reach Your Customers & Grow Your Revenue!!

What you’ll learn

  • Bring Sales, Leads & Website Traffic To Your Online Business
  • Get In-Depth Knowledge Of Microsoft Ads To Grow Your Online Business
  • Learn To Create Search Campaigns, Shopping Campaigns, Mobile Campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns
  • Setup UET Tag To Boost Sales Of Your Online Business
  • Build Remarketing Campaigns To Follow Users On The Internet
  • Target Different Types Of Audiences, Demographics, Content To Reach Your Customers
  • Learn How To Do In-Depth Campaign Optimisations In Microsoft Ads


  • There Is NO Course Requirement Needed For Microsoft Ads
  • Anybody Who Has A Website, Blog, Facebook Page Can Use Microsoft Ads To Promote Their Business
  • Anyone With A Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet Or Smartphone & Internet Connection Can Learn Microsoft Ads

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs Who Are Starting Their New Business
  • Existing Business Who Want To Try Microsoft Ads To Check How It Helps To Boost Sales
  • Professionals Who Are Working In The Field Of PPC & Want To Upskill Their Knowledge About Microsoft Ads
  • Young Professionals Who Are Entering Into The Field Of Digital Marketing


Hi Guys,

Welcome to my Microsoft Ads MasterClass 2024!

In my course you will learn everything about Microsoft Ads. I have created video lessons on every campaign and every feature of Microsoft Ads. You will get to see the real practical implementation of how to create each and every campaign and how to use every feature of this product.

This is the most detailed course on Microsoft Ads you will ever find on the internet. I have created different sections based on different topics of Microsoft Ads and in each section, I have gone in-depth into explaining the concept of the each feature and how to practically implement it in Microsoft Ads.

This course will give you a 100% understanding of Microsoft Ads and after going through this course you will be capable of applying these concepts in building your own online business or handling Microsoft Ads accounts of your clients.

For your convenience I am mentioning some of the crucial topics I cover in this course below:

– Microsoft Ads Overview

– Keyword Research

– Microsoft Ads Formats

– Microsoft Ads Extensions

– Bidding Strategies

– Audience Network

– Conversion Tracking

– Remarketing Campaign

– Shopping Campaign

– Mobile App Campaign

– Dimensions, Reports, Saved Custom Reports

– Shared Library

– Automated Rules, Microsoft Ads Editor

– Keyword Planner Tool, Ad Preview & Diagnostics Tool

– Experiment Campaign

– Agency Management

– Microsoft Ads Resources

– Microsoft Ads Certifications

Thank you so much for checking out my course. I look forward to see you in the course. So wait no more!

Click on the ‘Buy now’ button and and join my course today!! Also check out my other courses!!

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