PHP with MySQL: Build 8 PHP and MySQL Projects

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Build Projects with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

Who this course is for:

  • Every PHP and MySQL developer who want to advance their skills
  • Developers who want to explore web development further
  • Developers who want to build cool projects and to build up their CVs

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Work with APIs
  • Learn to deal with PHP and MySQL in a professional way
  • Learn to combine Ajax-Jquery with PHP
  • Create a full like and dislike system
  • Train your prior knowledge with PHP and MySQL
  • Learn to deal with files and install a library for it
  • Build a simple CV creator
  • Build an auth system
  • Build a rating system
  • Learn Debugging in PHP and MySQL along the way with Ajax JQuery


  • Basic PHP, MySQL and PDO knowledge
  • Very little knowledge of Bootstrap


Are you ready to skill up in programming? Do you have knowledge of PHP and MySQL and do not know what to do with them? Do you guidance on your way to building projects? If so, then this is the right place for you!! In this course, you will learn how to get out of the tutorial hell and how to approach real-world projects and get unstuck on your way to becoming a developer. After this course, you will simply be able to think like a programmer, and solving programming tasks will be no challenge for you.

First of all, We will begin by building the most common feature of every website and which is the authentication system, which will allow you to learn about various things like password hashing and unhashing, validations, and sessions.

For the second project, we are getting deep and we are building a posting system with comments with a focus on the comments and we are doing the whole thing using Ajax JQuery.

And the third project is also about a rating system inside the blog itself and we are going to install a plugin along the way to do the design for us and we are going to do the backend from scratch.

The next Project it’s about a weather app and we are going to use an API for it, so that should be really cool. Another interesting project is also the CV creator that we are using a library for and that will allow us to deal with files within PHP

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