Python RestAPI Programming with Flask and Django

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From Setup to RESTful Services: A Comprehensive Tutorial

What you’ll learn

  • Employ Python’s object-oriented programming principles in the development of applications
  • Employ BeautifulSoup library for web scraping tasks
  • Interact with web pages and analyze their Document Object Model (DOM) through Selenium
  • Dynamically import Python modules
  • Leverage Python comprehensions for concise and efficient code
  • Utilize pipenv for the installation and management of project dependencies
  • Interact with MongoDB by utilizing the PyMongo module
  • Retrieve data from RESTful APIs by making requests with the Requests library
  • Explore the Django administrative interface, establish Django apps and projects
  • Gain proficiency in building application models and executing queries using the Django Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
  • Implement Nameko Dependency Providers
  • Transmit messages through POST requests


  • Version Control
  • A Willingness to Learn
  • Programming Fundamentals

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Beginners
  • Web Developers
  • Python Enthusiasts


Welcome to the exciting world of web development, where we’ll guide you through the journey of building a dynamic and interactive online video game store from scratch. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to create modern web applications using popular Python frameworks – Django and Flask.

What You’ll Learn:

This course starts with the fundamentals, ensuring you have a strong foundation in Python programming and web concepts. From there, we dive deep into setting up your development environment, managing dependencies, and creating virtual environments to keep your projects organized.

You’ll master Flask, a lightweight and flexible web framework, and harness its power to create RESTful services, enabling seamless communication between your web application and the server. Our instructors will guide you through user authentication, allowing you to implement essential features like user registration, login, and logout securely.

Discover the art of designing and managing databases as we delve into the back-end and front-end aspects of game data. You’ll learn to display, edit, and organize game information efficiently.

But that’s not all – our course covers the implementation of shopping cart functionality, enabling users to browse games, add them to their cart, and seamlessly complete purchases.

Throughout the course, we will emphasize on best practices in web development, including code organization, security measures, and user-friendly design principles. Real-world project experience is at the core of this course, ensuring you graduate with the ability to build web applications that can be deployed and enjoyed by users worldwide.

Project 1, titled “Implementing the Flask Application,” will guide you in building a command-line application that handles user posts, user registration, and login functionality. This section will introduce you to fundamental Python programming concepts. You’ll acquire skills in parsing command-line arguments to enhance program interactivity, and you’ll also discover how to manage user databases using SQLAlchemy.

In Project 2, “Building a Web Messenger with Microservices,” you’ll gain insights into using Nameko, a Python microservice framework. Additionally, you’ll explore creating dependency providers for external resources like Redis. This project will delve into integration testing for Nameko services and cover the basics of making AJAX requests to an API.

Project 3, “Creating an Online Video Game Store with Django,” will empower you to establish an online video game store. It will offer features like game category browsing, advanced search capabilities, detailed game information display, and the ability to add games to a shopping cart and place orders. Throughout this project, you’ll delve into Django 2.0, the administration UI, Django’s data model, and more.

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