The Ultimate C++ Advanced Programming Course | 2022

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What you’ll learn

  • Know about classes
  • Know about objects
  • Know about member variables
  • Know about member functions
  • Know about class inheritance
  • Known about data abstraction
  • Know about scope resolution
  • Know about getters and setters
  • Know about the constructor
  • Know about inheritance
  • Know about friend functions
  • Know about operator overloading
  • Know about arrays in a class
  • Know about dynamic arrays in a class
  • Know about the big three
  • Know about the destructor
  • Know about the copy constructor
  • Know about overloading = operator
  • Know about this keyword
  • Know about protected keyword
  • Know about derived classes
  • Know about polymorphism
  • Know about virtual functions
  • Know about namespaces
  • Know about recursion
  • Know about templates
  • Know about exception handling
  • Know about struct vs class
  • Know about enum
  • Know about separate compilation


  • Prerequisite: The Ultimate C++ Beginner Course


This is the second programming course offered in university. This course will teach you concepts that are widely used in the software world in fields such as game development, web development, mobile app development, and much more. Having a solid foundation in object oriented programming will help you excel in those fields.


The Ultimate C++ Beginner Course

Recommended Book

Problem Solving with C++ 10th Edition by Walter Savitch

About this Course

You will learn advanced programming concepts. In particular, we focus on object oriented programming (OOP).


  • Where can I ask you questions?

You can leave a comment under the “Q and A” tab in the lecture related to your question.


  • Does this course cover data structures?

No. Data structures is a course by itself, which universities usually offer after completing an object oriented programming course.


What’s next?

I’ll work on a short After Effects video editing/animation course, then you can expect a few web development courses. In particular, I’ll create a course on HTML and CSS (two of the core technologies for building websites), and WordPress (a powerful tool that allows you to build websites using a simple drag and drop interface without using any code.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner programmers who want to expand their knowledge in object oriented programming
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